Before You Submit Your Application

A checklist of things to have before you submit your application.
  1. Stage Name: This is the name you will go by everywhere involving your online persona, so pick something you really like. It's all about branding, the most successful online personalities are known by their stage name not their real name.
  2. Full Mailing Address: In order to be paid for signup and rebills you will need to supply your mailing address including country. Failure to do so will result in a delay in activation.
  3. Email Address: Since your premium Subscribers account id's as well as sales, rebills and cancel notifications will be sent via email it's better to keep them in a separate email account. plus you will need a new email to set up social media accounts.
  4. Free Promo Account: Set up a free account that you allow everyone to view the story and if you want to talk to your followers to get them to join allow people you don't friend to send messages. This should be something with your stagename in it. and easy to remember and type in for potential followers. Make sure under settings that it is not connected to your phone number or your phone contacts will see your accounts!
  5. Premium Chat Account: *REQUIRED Set up a second Chat account that only people you add can see the story. This is your premium account! You can make the name of this one obscure if you choose so people can't search for it and try to add it.  Make sure under settings that it is not connected to your phone number or your phone contacts will see your accounts!
  6. Adjust Your Settings in both accounts: To adjust your settings in your Chat accounts click on the gear in the top right corner and go to "who can..." for your free account let everyone view your story. For your premium only friends aka people you add can view it.
  7. Screen Shots of your free code: We can use this to make graphics for you to use to promote your free account. Simply go into your free account and take a screenshot of your code. The Yellow box with the black dots.
  8. Links to Social Media: The more places you are promoting yourself the more sales you can generate. we have spots for links to most of the social media outlets we can add to your profile page.
  9. Bio Pic and Preview Pics: On your profile page you have a main Bio pic and 4 preview pics. These should be the best representation of you. You will get viewers to your profile page and these pics will help interest them in joining your Premium. Please have at least 4 pics.

Once you have everything in order click the button below to submit your application.