How Premium Works

Step By Step How You Can make Money With Social Media

Step 1

Create a free Account with your desired stagename. Set it up so that anyone who follows you can view your story. Then post daily. Try to make at least 10-20 posts a day. They don't all have to be sexy, it's all about personality and connecting with your followers to entice them to join your premium. Don't say join my premium on every post. Post a few then say check out my premium for more! Also no nudity! Keep it fun, sexy, teasing. Make them Join to see the goods!

Step 2

Post Your free account everywhere you can! In adult facebook groups, post a pic and say add me on here with your free id. Work code trades with other accounts. We have links for promotional options for that in our support group. The more followers you have the more subscribers you can get and the more money you make!

Step 3

Setup Your Premium Account
Once you have subscribers to your premium account come up with events that you can promote and talk about and tease on your free account, Do them daily! The more you do the more likely your subscribers will renew which means more money for you! It's all about how much you put into it, so work it hard! Save your premium shows as camera rolls for days you just can't do a premium to post on your account.

Other things to consider...

Subscribers will send you comments about your premium shows. Screencap those and post them on your free account blocking out the users name to show free viewers just how hot your premium is. Also you can share censored versions of your premium posts on your free account to give them a little taste of what they will get when they join.

We are here to help you succeed in every way we can, from promoting your free account to answering questions or giving advice. You will have access to a support forum for all your needs.

Payout Information

Payments are handled by a third party billing system that has been handling adult credit card processing for 20 years. You have access to stats that include sales, rebills, cancellations, and check amounts. CCbill handles payments and sends out checks every monday holding a week back. They have a call center and can handle your payment questions.

You recieve 70% of all sales and rebills for the life of the subscriber.

Refer Models to ASM and make 5% of their sales and rebills for the life of their subscribers.

ASM Model Incentives

There are incentives to being successful with Adult Snap Models.

Generate 20 Premium Subscribers and get a custom designed Ad with your Code and Graphics.

Generate 50 Premium Subscribers and be added into the featured rotating banner at the top of the site.

Generate 100 Premium Subscribers and get your own domain name YOURSTAGENAME.COM redirected to your profile.